Group fitness classes are a fun and affordable way to incorporate a variety of exercises into your daily routine.  Our Group Fitness Class schedule includes Total Barre™, Pilates Matwork, and TRX®. Total Barre™ is the newest brand from Merrithew Health and Fitness®.  With over 25 years in the fitness industry, Merrithew Health and Fitness® has created a safe, effective, and fun workout that anyone of any age or fitness level will love.  Barre Matwork is a combination of barre fitness and matwork Pilates. In this 55 minute class you will spend half an hour sweating and burning at the barre and the rest of the hour lengthening and strengthening your core with Pilates inspired moves. TRX® makes you use your body as your machine.  Don’t let this little yellow rope trick you.  This workout is intense! 


  • $16 Drop-In
  • $75 - Five Classes
  • $130 - Ten Classes

month unlimited options available


Group Equipment classes utilize the STOTT PILATES® V2Max Plus Reformer, Stability Chair, and Barrels. Each participant has their own piece of equipment for the duration of the workout.  Light equipment such as Fitness Circles, Flex-Bands, Mini Stability Balls, and Toning Balls may be included in your workout to increase challenge and mix up your routine.  By limiting the Group Equipment classes to four participants, we pay close attention to what each individual’s body is doing and offer corrections and modifications to achieve the exercises properly.  This is an affordable way to take use the Pilates apparatus. 

Group Classes Equipment Classes:  Equipment Circuit, Jumpboard Intervals, Essential Reformer, Intermediate Reformer, Zen-Ga, Cardio Tramp


  • $30 Drop In
  • $135 Five Classes
  • $250 Ten Classes
I’ve been using Pilates for many years. It’s the best system I’ve found for isolating and strengthening muscles without stress to the joints.
— patrick swayze