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If at the age of 30 you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If at the age of 60 you are supple and strong, you are young.
— joseph pilates
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Those who think they have not time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for their illness.
— edward stanley
  • Group Equipment Classes

Reformers are Pilates machines that use springs and pulleys to provide variable resistance to assist and challenge the body. The variable resistance with Reformer Pilates is what makes it so unique and is why it’s suitable for every level of ability.

Reformer Pilates has countless benefits including:

  • Long, lean overall body muscle tone
  • Improved flexibility and postural correction
  • Core strength, balance, and body awareness
  • Accelerated results.

Why would you choose group Equipment Classes over group Matwork? It really is different strokes for different folks! If you are looking for more personalized attention, Group Equipment provides more individualized workouts that include total body conditioning.  If you require a little more assistance or support then Reformer will also be preferable for you.

To manage your own class bookings (essential to secure your Reformer), we have our own online booking system which is flexible and easy to use.

Essential Reformer

The STOTT PILATES® repertoire is broken up into three categories: Essential, Intermediate, and Advanced.  At the Essential Level, you learn the basics of Pilates and everything you need to succeed in all other group equipment classes. This level of class flows from one exercise to the next to incorporate all major muscles groups as well as flexion, extension, rotation, and lateral flexion of the spine.  You must take at least one Essential Reformer class before trying any other equipment based class or have consent from your instructor. Level 1 Class.

Intermediate/Advanced Reformer

Intermediate Reformer incorporates initial strength and stabilization learned at the Essential Level into more coordinated movement patterns and muscular control. Intermediate Reformer is designed to increase endurance, strength, and coordination.   Not recommended for beginners.  Level 2-3 Class.  

Athletic Conditioning

An accelerated paced, athletic conditioning equipment based, class for those wanting to increase flexibility, mobility, strength, and endurance. This workout combines traditional exercises on the V2Max Reformer Plus, Stability Chair, Pilates Matwork, and strength training principles to give you a safe and effective total body workout.  Level 2-3 Class.

Jumpboard Intervals

Want to increase speed, strength, power, and cardio? Jumpboard Intervals is a fun, energizing way to work your entire body, increase strength, and work up a sweat. Using the STOTT PILATES V2Max Plus Reformer® with the cardio tramp or jumpboard accessory boards, we incorporate Plyometric work into your routine without high impact or strain on your joints. Even if you are working with an ankle or knee injury, Jumpboard Intervals is a great way to introduce power and strength back to your body. You will sweat. You will burn calories. You will love it!  Level 1/2 class.  Max four students. 

What can I expect from the Jumpboard Interval Class?

  • Timed intervals ranging from 1.5 to five minutes

  • 70% of class plyometric jumping

  • Strength training for quads, glutes, hip abductors, abdominals, biceps, triceps, and deltoids


Utilizing the V2 Max™ Plus Reformer, Cardio Tramp is a fun, unique routine that will create lean, toned muscles and will help you move with grace and agility. The Cardio-Tramp™ serves as the sturdy barre support as well as a resilient platform for rebounding work. This 55 minute class combines elements of dance and flexibility training with the solid foundations of STOTT PILATES® in a workout like no other.  A circuit style class that will leave every muscle in your body strong and lean.     Level 1/2 class.


ZEN•GA™ is an innovative fusion of exercise science and mindful movement that brings about clarity of the mind while releasing body tension through purposeful movement. ZEN represents the search for inner discovery, while YOGA symbolizes the way to reach it. Together they form ZEN•GA™, which is based on Four Mindful Movement Principles: breath, support, yield and flow. When applied together, these principles allow you to become aware of how the body and the mind move in tandem. ZEN•GA™ focuses on core stability, stamina and resilience while attaining a state of presence. The increase in demand on your neuromuscular system allows you to reap the benefits of improved strength, clarity and overall fitness. Level 2/3 Equipment Based Class



Equipment Circuit is the perfect combination of small group training on all the STOTT PILATES® apparatus.  This workout incorporates fifteen minutes of work on each the STOTT PILATES® V2 Max™ Plus Reformer , Stability Chair, Tower, and Barrels. Equipment Circuit will target the stabilizing muscles of you hips, knees, ankles, torso, and shoulders as well as increase body awareness, strength, and balance.  Multi Level Class


What do I have to bring?

All you need to bring to your group classes is water and socks (essential for hygiene) and you can leave the rest up to us. Toesox are available for purchase.