What to Expect from your first private session

Every studio is unique in their teaching style, technique, and specialties just as every client is unique with their goals, understanding of movement, and desire to learn. In general, most first sessions start with information gathering of the student and learning decompression principles from Foundation Training. This means you will learn how to breathe. In your first session you will learn 3-5 exercises to practice daily for 5-15 minutes. The more you practice how to breathe and decompress, the more aware of your posture you will become, which makes your sessions much easier in the long run once we add movement in. Typically you will not be on the Pilates equipment in the first session. Your first session is all about body awareness, posture, breathing, and Foundation Training’s anchoring.

How many sessions should i take?

We recommend starting with at least 3 private sessions at the new client rate of $150. In these first three sessions you will cover 3-5 of Foundation Training’s Decompression Breathing & Anchoring exercises, how to use the reformer, and homework exercises to do every day. As a new client we want to make you feel welcome in our space, comfortable with the verbiage we use at the studio, and give you the knowledge you need to attend any group class that fits your ability level. If group classes are not for you, you can continue with private sessions to focus on you or have a friend or family member join you for a semi-private.

Why should i incorporate studio 48 into my weekly workout routine

Anyone can move. That’s the easy part. How you move, well…that’s where we step in. Have you ever considered how you stand, walk, breathe, or how you hold your phone while you text affects your life? That’s what we do. We teach you basic, fundamental skills everyone needs to correct or enhance every day movement patterns that effect your overall health. Once your instructor sees that you are ready to take the next step, then the equipment comes into play. Using the spring loaded resistance of the reformer, stability, chair, and cadillac trapeze table (sounds fun huh?) you will learn how to maneuver your body in space, mobilize as well as stabilize your joints, build lean muscle, and increase your body awareness. Every class that Studio 48 Pilates and Fitness has to offer can enhance your athletic performance, help you gain strength, and improve your overall quality of life. Are you ready to sign up?

STOTT PILATES Basic Principles