Ski Conditioning Six week series

Skiing is a sport that relies heavily on skill-related fitness and involves a variety of elements: Strength, Balance, Coordination, Agility, and Stamina. Strength training is an integral part of ski training, but it’s also important to address ski-specific movements and situations. Example; alpine skiing demands eccentric leg strength. Think of concentric strength as “positive” strength. This is the strength you use to stand up from the bottom of a squat, or hike up a steep hill. Eccentric strength is “negative” strength. You use eccentric strength to lower yourself into the bottom of the squat and hike down a steep hill. Eccentric strength absorbs force. Alpine skiing primarily demands eccentric strength. During our 6-week program, we will focus on balance, leg strength, core stability, ankle mobility, coordination, stamina, and agility. No previous ski or exercise experience necessary.

Monday 6:45am-7:45am

October 21-November 25