photo courtesy of Merrithew Health and Fitness  

photo courtesy of Merrithew Health and Fitness  

Total Barre Foundation Course

aPRIL 8, 2017

10am -6pm

$325 course   $75 course manual

Foundation Course Objectives:

1. Learn creative choreography of a well-balanced Barre workout
2. Learn to modify and choreograph future workouts with the Course Template
3. Understand how to break down various movements and explore the stabilization and mobilization required to achieve them
4. Learn how to cue, correct and modify effectively for all populations
5. Apply the six Total Barre Foundational Principles
6. Utilize the suggested beats per minute for each segment of the workout with optional music playlist 

Total Barre™ Amplified

April 9, 2017


COST $250

Barre workouts have the potential to be both vigorous and enjoyable. Bring the energy of music to a challenging workout brought to you by the Merrithew Health & Fitness™ team. Built on the Total Barre™ class template, this workout introduces elements of athletic conditioning and performance training to individual exercise segments of the full-body workout. Powerful music selections propel the intensity-driven routines to amplify the results and energize every participant.

Total Time: 4 hours


Equipment Used: Stability Barres, Resistance Bands, Ankle Tubing, and Mini Stability Ball