Looking for a career change or to advance your Pilates education but not sure how to get started? Studio 48 Pilates and Fitness can get you on the right track to become a STOTT PILATES certified instructor this year! 

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Do you meet the Admission Requirements

  • Working knowledge of Functional Anatomy and prior participation in an anatomy course such as the STOTT PILATES Functional Anatomy course or a semester long university or college level anatomy or physiology course (30-40 hours of in-class instruction) covering Human Musculoskeletal System, Origins, Insertions, and Actions of Muscles. No online course, long-distance learning, or self-study.
  • Minimum 30 hours participation in Pilates classes/workouts


  • Three+ years teaching movement or fitness. Applicants with a strong history of Pilates participation and/or experience instructing students/clients in another field may also be considered.


  • Fill out application and either email it to studio48pilates@gmail.com or bring by the studio. You do not need to email it to Merrithew Health and Fitness

Register for the Course

  • Located under the Instructor Training tab, select the course(s) you wish to attend. 20% deposit is required to reserve your spot. Full payment of the course is due three weeks before the start of the course.

Which course do I start with

  • You must start with either Intensive Mat Plus IMP or Intensive Reformer IR before you can take Intensive Cadillac, Chairs, or Barrels. 
  • Once you have completed either IMP or IR, you are eligible to take ICCB or take your training to the next level with Advanced courses.

To Become Certified:

  • A Level 1 certified STOTT PILATES instructor has completed IMP, IR, ICCB courses and all requirements and has taken the written and practical test.
  • A Level 2 certified STOTT PILATES instructor has passed both the written and practical Level 1 exam as well as the practical exam for advanced level exercises. 
  • Testing can be done at Studio 48 Pilates and Fitness or with any STOTT PILATES certified Instructor Trainer

Post Certification

  • All certified STOTT PILATES instructors are required to take 0.6 CECs (Continuing Education Credits) per calendar year either through private sessions with a certified instructor trainer, through courses, or workshops.